Age Based Curriculum & School Readiness

Our curriculum is based on all thirteen areas of development with station learning. The thirteen functional areas of development that enrich our early childhood education best practices are safety, health, learning environment, physical environment, cognitive activities, communication, creativity, emotional self, social atmosphere, guidance, family involvement, program management and professionalism of each childhood practices. Children also develop and advance their social skills through friendships, sharing, conflict resolution, manners and emotional expression. Our curriculum is educational, informative, uplifting and culturally enriching.

Indoors you will find us involved in many fun filled multi-sensory activities. We build with blocks, utilize table games and activity toys, practice puzzle solving, arts, crafts, singing, dancing, computer learning, science, dramatic play, painting, listening to stories and responding through language during circle time and throughout the day.

Outdoors we enjoy fresh air while practicing our gross motor skills. Children play on one of several of our playgrounds with our playground equipment, ride toys, and exercise through climbing, running, jumping and playing games.
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Pre-Kindergarten (School Readiness Program)
School Age

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